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Buy Finnish Forest

We offer the opportunity to invest in clean
Finnish forests and nature.

Invest in Forests - Invest in clean air

We look for, manage and negotiate the best terms for your forest investment!
Because with forests, money is made when it is bought properly.
We handle the paperwork in Finland, negotiate the price and register the plot / forest in the name of our clients, reliably and effortlessly.
Finnish forests produce an average of about 4% per annum of income, plus clean fresh air for all of us.

Help Reduce Co2 Emissions

One of our main goals is to reduce C02 emissions, which goes hand in hand with the management of lucrative and sustainable forestry.
When managed responsibly, forests can be called carbon sinks.
For example, an average of 35 kilos of carbon is bound to a 20-year-old well-grown tree. When this tree is not sold for power generation, these Co2 emissions are safely stored for a long time.

The Forest is Safe

Forest investments are ideally suited as part of a diversified investment portfolio, especially in the current market situation where interest rate markets have exceptionally low yields and high risks.

A Light Wind Swept Over The Water,
And All Nature Laughed In The Sunshine.

Anne Brontë * modified


Time spent amongst trees is never wasted time

- Katrina Mayer

Look Deep Into Nature, and Then You Will Understand Everything Better – Albert Einstein

Forest investments are ideal for investors looking for stable returns, who want to increase the return / risk ratio of their portfolio. In the current market environment, forest investments make it easy to raise the yield expectations of interest-bearing portfolios. The return on forest investment does not follow the general economic development and therefore effectively diversifies traditional portfolios.
In addition, the price of wood and forest land has developed steadily at approximately the same rate as inflation. Thus, forest investments have also provided good inflation protection.

Just Living Is Not Enough. One Must Have Sunshine, Freedom and a Little Flower – Hans Christian Andersen

If you want to invest in the forest, there are two main options in Finland

1. Purchase the forest in your own name and take care of forest management as needed, or make a contract with someone to take care of it for you. We are happy to help in this regard also.

2. Purchases a communal forest where the forest is co-owned and the joint forest management board is responsible for ensuring that the forest is maintained.

If you are interested, we will be happy to advise you on finding a suitable forest for you.

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