Finnish Forest

Invest in clean Finnish forests & nature

We offer the opportunity to invest in clean Finnish forests and nature.
Our goal is to find the best forest investments for our clients.
For us Finns, the forest is not just wood, but a way of life that has traditionally been a source of wealth for centuries.

Are You Interested In Buying Finnish Forest?

Now it's possible for everyone to invest in Finnish nature

We are a Finland based company with years experience in real estate and property deals. Trough our know-how in local forest and property investments we can safely guide and advise you through Finnish legislations and make forest buying easier and more lucrative than it has ever been.

We will assist you from start to finish. 

Forest is an excellent investment tool for an investor who wants to be environmentally active and still enjoying save and lucrative returns on their investment for a long time.


We start of by inquiring, in what kind of forest investment our client is interested, what kind of timeline and expectations regards return and volume they wish for. After this we start our work, through our own pool of forest professionals and contacts we will find our clients the best investment. After we have presented our client with our recommended forest investment, we will manage the purchase and paperwork on their behalf. At this point our client will be the legal owner of a Finnish forestry plot and can enjoy financial security with steady returns.

It was never easier!